A New Year and fresh start for Eva

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At just 13 years old, Eva* was targeted by a trafficker. Pretending to be in love with her, he tricked her into marrying him. He then persuaded her and her… Read More

A young girl’s journey from brutality to restoration

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Trafficked, tortured and shackled around the neck, Tahira* was deeply traumatized after she was rescued from a brothel. Living with her aunt in poverty, the young girl had traveled across… Read More

UK Victim Navigator Pilot

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17-year-old Maria* had enjoyed her day at school in Romania – but it quickly became a nightmare after she left to go to a friend’s house. There she was snatched by traffickers and… Read More

Youth sessions protect village

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At Justice and Care, we want to stop children being trafficked in the first place. That’s why we run regular awareness sessions for young people in the most vulnerable communities,… Read More

A mother’s joy at daughter’s wedding

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Poorvi’s* story is defined by her unrelenting determination to create a better life for herself and her daughter. Finding herself in a financially unsustainable marriage, Poorvi moved back to her… Read More

Siblings Reunited

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Brother and sister Mina* and Sundar* were just 14 and 15 years old when they were taken from their home and sold into slavery. The siblings were separated from one… Read More

A singing dream renewed

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Bhakti* always dreamed she was going to become a star. As a young girl, she so desperately wanted to sing and become famous for her voice, she jumped at the… Read More

Trafficker apprehended by own victim

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In November 2017 and at only 16 years old, Damini* received an award for exceptional bravery from the government of West Bengal. When Damini* was barely 13-years-old, she had been… Read More

Survivor speaks out against trafficker and sees him jailed

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Videoed naked by a boy who had drugged her, teenager Esha* was then blackmailed and sold into the sex trade. The 14-year-old met her trafficker at a picnic. He had… Read More

Traced across the country and rescued in 72 hours

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The police and Justice and Care successfully rescued 13-year-old Kajal*. Kajal went missing from a remote village in East India in what turned out to be a shocking case of… Read More