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Our Story

What is the true scale of modern slavery in the UK?

Based on police evidence, we can accurately estimate there are more than 100,000 victims of modern slavery in the UK – 10 times the number previously estimated by the Government.


The issue of human trafficking will not be forgotten and together we can stand for freedom and unlock the doors of modern slavery.

Salma’s Story

Salma dreamt of becoming a nurse. One day on the way to college she was abducted, taken from her home town in Bangladesh across the border to India.

She was sold to a brothel, raped day in and day out. She was beaten and abused.

“I was physically and mentally tortured. They told me they would kill me if I did not do what they said.” – Salma

Our teams were able to locate Salma and work with police to rescue her. We brought her home, reuniting her with family in Bangladesh.

“The day I got my daughter back was the happiest day of my life.”
– Salma’s father

Jessie’s Story

It was just an ordinary commute into work for 26-year-old Jessie. Same train, same seat. Opposite her sat a young woman wearing jeans and a plain white top. She was with a man, older than her, wearing sunglasses, sweating…

Their accents didn’t match. Worst of all their body language didn’t match what Jessie expected. The girl was clearly afraid of the man she was travelling with.

There are thought to be tens of thousands of trafficking victims in the UK – often hidden in plain sight. Help us to secure their freedom.

Through our Victim Navigator programme, we work with local police to bring criminals to justice and see victims lives restored.

My Bedroom


No child should fear their bedroom.  Every child deserves a childhood.