Sundar was trafficked as a young teenager. He was forced to work in a bag factory for long hours with little food, no pay and was brutally abused. Thanks to the generosity of people like you, we rescued Sundar and captured those responsible. Help us reach more.

$20 could pay for a Bangladesh Border Guard to receive training on identifying trafficking victims.

$60 could provide essential supplies for a European victim of trafficking who has just been rescued.

$80 could pay for psychosocial counselling support for a rescued victim in South Asia.

$182 could pay for a comprehensive vulnerability assessment and home investigation to prepare for a victim’s safe reintegration.

$500 could pay for a victim to receive training and capital to start their own income-generating activities.

Other ways you can donate:



If you prefer to pay by cheque, including CAF cheques, you can do so by posting them to:

Justice and Care
1440 W. Taylor St
Chicago IL 60607

Your birthday

Victims of slavery are robbed of their identity – and often their childhoods. Why not use your big day to set a victim of trafficking free, allowing them to celebrate their birthday for the first time in years?

We are just about to launch a new app to make this really easy  – it will allow you to pledge your birthday, notify family and friends and then watch the money roll in! If you want to be informed as soon as the app is available, contact us using the links below.


We realise that donating shares can be really great tax-efficient way of giving for our supporters. If you’d like to donate shares, please email us at


Yes, we can even take contributions of Bitcoin. You can donate using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies using the form below: