We work to address trafficking at every level. And our approach is working. During the last 10 years, we are proud of the impact that Justice and Care has been able to make:

5,063 Lives Rescued

We believe everyone was born to be free. That’s why we’re committed to tracking down the victims of human trafficking and working alongside the police to ensure that they are rescued successfully.

4,157 Survivors Supported

We rebuild the lives of rescued survivors. 372 survivors have been intensively supported to rebuild their lives over the last year.

176,033 Educated

Last year 1,860 vulnerable families and individuals were trained by our team in trafficking awareness and safe migration.

1,334 Arrested

Our work has led to the arrest of 1,334 suspected perpetrators of human trafficking and modern slavery offences.

1,275 Prosecuted

We are committed to help bring human traffickers to justice. Our lawyers have been involved in hundreds of prosecution cases, with many leading to convictions.

153 Convictions

We want human traffickers to feel the full force of the law. Our teams have helped to secure more than 153 convictions, including several landmark cases.

Systemic Change

We share our expertise with Governments to shape legislation, created protocols for key international borders, introduced nationwide training courses and seen innovative measures -such as child friendly courts- replicated in state after state. We could go on.

51,164 Front Line Professionals Trained

Over recent years, we’ve trained 51,164 people including police, judges, frontline professionals and community leaders. Our training helps raise awareness of the issue and understanding of the rights of survivors.