Community intervention

Traffickers target the most vulnerable people, in the poorest communities. We focus our work in these villages. We educate those at risk about how to avoid human trafficking, help families become financially stable and understand their rights, as well as making it safe for survivors to return home.

Missing Persons Programme

Our Missing Persons Programme tracks down the victims of human trafficking in the first few days and weeks after they are taken, before they reach their final destination. We do all we can to return them home and help them recover from their trauma.


We work with the police and state to uncover victims of trafficking and track down the criminal networks responsible. We help police gather the necessary intelligence and evidence to ensure that victims are rescued, and the traffickers are brought to justice.


To end trafficking we have to bring perpetrators to justice. Our lawyers help identify and build cases, support victims and prosecutions, seek denial of bail and closure of brothels, and work to help the state secure convictions and long sentences.


Survivors of trafficking have been through the worst abuse imaginable. Our aftercare work ensures they have support to start rebuilding their lives as soon as they are rescued. We make sure they have a safe place to stay, medical attention, counseling, skills training and education.

Research, policy and advocacy

Knowledge is critical and plays a major role in helping the Government write legislation and policies to effect systemic change. Our research, policy and advocacy work provides decision-makers with evidence-backed recommendations and actions to help tackle human trafficking. We work with government at the highest level to create or amend laws that protect the most vulnerable.